It was 1991 when the Qattom family decided to expand their convenient store and gas operation outside of Harris County ­ into Wharton County, more specific the city of Wharton. Coming from a big town environment to a small community was different for the Qattom’s and the business environment they were use to. They knew something had to change to make this business successful. Then came the idea of adding food, yes food. Why not, Mr. Qattom’s first job in 1977 was a cook for “Steak and Shake” in Houston at Kirby and US59. Back then, Mr. Qattom thought the idea of making hamburgers was terrific. It wasn’t long before the Qattom family decided to put in a big grill ­ yes country style. But wait a minute…the Qattom family wanted to do something different. Everyone at the time was using 4 to 5 oz and at the most 8 oz frozen patties. The Qattom’s decided to use a 9 oz patty, which was hand made “Fresh Daily.” In addition, instead of using just salt and pepper, the Qattom’s came up with their own seasoning. Within a few weeks from the time they served their first 9 oz grilled hamburger, customers were ordering them by the dozen. So many at a time that the orders were going out in empty beer boxes just to hold all of the burgers.

It was nine years later when the Qattom’s opened their second store near Greatwood, in Richmond, Texas. This was the first store to be named 9er’s Grill. Named after the now famous 9 oz Hamburger. It wasn’t long after the Qattom’s added stores in Katy, Texas, Richmond, Texas (Pecan Grove) and Houston, Texas (Blackhawk and Beltway 8 South) and a few more to be completed in the years to come. In addition, the Qattom’s have expanded their menu to include much more than the famous 9 oz Hamburger. Please view our site to see the complete menu.




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